NESAJ (Nepalese Students Association in Japan) is an organization of Nepalese students, academia and intellectuals from all across Japan –from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south. It was established in the year 1997 with the aim of bringing Nepalese students and Nepalese graduates of Japanese universities living in Japan to a close contact and to promote their academic, professional and other mutual interests through a wider, regular and frequent exchange of views and ideas as well as to put collective efforts to advance their mutual interests. It was also aimed to provide necessary information regarding study opportunities in Japan to the interested Nepalese students and to maintain close links with other institutions to promote cultural and academic exchanges between Nepal and Japan.

Members of NESAJ include Nepalese students enrolled in all university levels –Japanese language, undergraduate courses, graduate courses and research– in Japan, Nepalese alumni of Japanese universities and individuals involved in the academic activities in Japan. NESAJ also awards its honorary membership to the individuals with extraordinary academic achievement(s) and/or meritorious service(s) to Nepal.

NESAJ has made it possible for its members to know more people, to increase friendship among the Nepalese students all across Japan and has provided a forum for its members to exchange their ideas and knowledge. The activities of NESAJ include friendship gatherings in various parts of Japan, symposiums and cultural programmes o mark important events, Nepalese social and cultural gatherings, and celebration of NESAJ day marking the day of declaration of its constitution.