Ever since we were founded in 1997, Nepalese Students Association in Japan (NESAJ ) has been bringing Nepalese students and Nepalese graduates of Japanese universities living in Japan to a close contact and has been promote their academic, professional and other mutual interests through a wider, regular and frequent exchange of views and ideas as well as to put collective efforts to advance their mutual interests.
On the behalf of newly elected committee on June 2021, I take this opportunity to express our sincerest gratitude to our entire stakeholders, including all the members and their family members, as well as our senior personnel, as this association would not have been possible without your support, guidance, and encouragement.
Being aware of our overall responsibility as a provider of diverse services concerned with the Nepalese student in Japan, every single representative in our Association will make unstinting efforts to contribute to building a better Nepalese student society in Japan as a Nepalese association offering comprehensive knowledge services. We look forward to serve you with our collective effort.

Azay Rana